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Please take a look at the home page for the latest news.

News, as of 6/26/06

1) We're gearing up for our biggest and best Village ever ! !  It's all coming together, with the core group that brought you The conGLOMerate, and a few new members, ready for some serious kick-ass fun.

2) The toys are coming back:  The Tower, The Giant Teeter-Tottter, The Spank-o-Matic, and the legendary Orgasmatron.  We'll have gASSo, and The Playground is still the place to get a refreshing Flaming Propane Enema.  Plus, there will be a big new surprise for 2006.

3) Curions about past years?  The final PlayaPlayground website from the 2004conGLOMerate site is available at www.2004.playaplayground.com

News, as of 8/29/05

1) Burning Man is open! ! !  Please come see us.

2) New "Playground People" page has been added.  Tab on left.

News, as of 8/16/05:

1)  The deadline for joining The Playground is noon on Monday, Aug. 22. 

Please take a look at our web site.  If you like what you see and think you would fit well into our village, fill out the form on the "Join the Playground" page before that deadline.  We'll let you know by noon on Tuesday.

 2)  Work Shifts -- the slots are filling quickly.  Take a look at the Job descriptions that are accessible from the "Work-shift sign-up" page.  Still many options for these fun opportunities to interact with our guests and other campers, but fewer choices each day.  Please act now.

If you are in The Q and want to work the Tower, you are encouraged to sign up now.  Very few gASSo slots remain available at this point, but ask to be sure if you are interested.

3) Burning Band is still taking new members.  If you want to be part of this great group, click on the Burning Band tab on the left.  It is not necessary to camp with the Playground to join the Band, but it is recommended.  

A list of Burning Band gigs is now available from the Burning Band page.  Check back frequently if you are in the band.

4)  We're at the final deadline for paying your dues.  The absolute deadline for SINdy to RECEIVE your check is Thursday, Aug 25.  If there's any chance it won't reach her by then, contact Major-D@PlayaPlayground.com to remit by PayPal.

5)  Help is needed before and after the Burn -- Work party starts at Mayor Joey's Ranch (100 mi. South of BRC) Thursday, Aug 25th.  Caravan to Playa will be Saturday, Aug 27th.  Help also needed on the Tuesday after the burn.  Please plan on coming to either or both parties, if at all possible.  

News, as of  8/7/05:

1) We made JRS.  Both The Burning Band and The Playground got lengthy write-ups in last week's issue of Jack Rabbit Speaks, which resulted in several new campers and band members.  Not available on-line yet -- e-mail version will be forwarded on request.

2)  Work Shifts -- it's time to sign up.  Job descriptions have been posted and are accessible from the "Work-shift sign-up" page by clicking the appropriate buttons on the left.  Lots of options, both for the jobs posted jobs and for alternatives.

If you are in The Q and want to work the Tower or gASSo, you are encouraged to sign up now.

3) Major website changes.  The job description pages have been added, and most other pages have changed as well.  Many new photographs have been added.

4)  SINdy Costell is Now Treasurer for The Playground.  An e-mail will contain the information needed to pay your dues.

5) Call for Campers -- The Playground is filling up quickly now, but we still have some room.  If you're undecided on a place to stay, or you have an undecided friend, consider The Playground.  Fill out the "Join the Playground" form to get more info.

News, as of 7/31/05:

We're now in the Official BRC Theme camp list, and we've been given a prime address: .                                          3:30 and Esplanade.

(Get BRC map here: http://www.burningman.com/preparation/maps/05_maps/05_map.pdf)

Call for campers -- join what may be the most seriously kick-ass camp on the Playa. .                         .Just click "Signup for Camping" on the left.

Call for website additions -- If your Playground attraction isn't listed on this site, or you've got some critical stuff that needs to be posted, contact webmaster@PlayaPlayground.com to get that fixed.