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(last updated 6/30/06)


The phabulous village in which we live, and our kick-ass Esplanade-caliber attractions, require a lot of effort, and every member of The Playground needs to pull his/her weight by signing up for work shifts while they are at Burningman.  The great thing is, most jobs are a lot of fun.  In fact, it's doubtful you'll ever do anything else as enjoyable and get to call it "work."

The various Playground job openings are listed below.  For complete job descriptions, click on the gASSo, Chairway and Other buttons on the left.

After deciding on the jobs that interest you most, use the "comment" section in the form below to indicate your preference for jobs, for days and for time slots.  Sign up early to get your favorite selection. 

12 hours of shifts is requested (exceptions are described at the bottom of this page), but you can certainly sign up for more if you want (limit 240 hours).We're going to be a little less centralized on scheduling this year, instead relying on coordinators for each of our various attractions to set up work-shift schedules and be responsible for training.  Want to be a coordinator?  Please!!  Just indicate that on the form.. 

Last name:

Playground Job Openings:

-- gASSo Jobs:- gASSo Director / Floater
- Esplanade Megaphone Operator
- Spank-o-Matic Operator
- gASSo Attendant
- Orgasmatron Operator
-- Chairway Jobs - Tower Operator
- Tower Brakeman

-- Other Jobs- Police Call
- Camp Supervisor (aka Camp Bitch)
- Massage Tech 

These work shifts are one of the primary keys to a great Esplanade location year after year, and your participation is important.  Thinking about trying to skip out on work shifts?  <where's that last chain letter I got?> Bad idea because all of your teeth and hair will fall out, you'll have bad Karma for 12 months, and you will not get any sex for at least 5 years, rather than winning the Lotto.  Yes, you should sign up!

BAND MEMBERS -- We need your help to keep our camp running, but obviously playing in the Burning Band also takes a lot of time, typically at night when we most need gASSo and Tower staffing.  Those playing in all of the Band gigs are asked to sign up for at least 6 hours of non-Band shifts (more encouraged), and those playing less than full-time should sign up for more shifts.

Camen Miranda, band leader  ------------>

LOAD-IN / LOAD-OUT -- If you can go to Joey's ranch on Thursday morning before BM to help with the prep and load-in, or you can stay through Labor Day to help with the load-out and clean-up, you can consider your work-shift obligation complete with just 6-8 hours of work-shift time (unless you also have requested a reduction in dues for your load-in/out work).

OTHER PARTICIPATION OPPORTUNITIES -- Want to bring back an attraction from last year that's not on this year's list, or got an idea for something new and wonderful?  Maybe work-shift time can apply.  Check the "Next Time ??" tab on the left for some ideas..