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(last updated 8/11/06)


Job: POLICE CALL (two per shift)

Hours of Operation: 10am - Noon / Shift Duration: 2+ hours.

Objective: Pick up all trash and micro-trash in the Playground space, and on the adjacent streets, and dispose of properly. 

Equipment Needed: Trash Bags and Twist Ties.

Description: Systematically walk thru the entire village, including gASSo, personal camps and bordering streets, picking up all trash and micro trash.  Be careful while in personal camps not to dispose of anything that is not trash (when in doubt, ask).  If you do come across a particularly “littered” area, make an effort to talk to those campers and tell them to “shape up”!  Separate the trash you collect; burn the burnables, recycle the recyclables, and seal the “wet” trash.  Aluminum cans go to the appropriate area near the bar.  Glass and plastic recyclables also go to the bar area and will be hauled away at the end of the event by the Trash Haulers.  Your patrol does include the fire pan area and the nearest burn platform on the esplanade.  Wear disposable gloves and wash your hands when you are finished with your shift, stinky! 

Safety: Pretty straight forward -- don't get cut by broken bottles or otherwise get hurt.  Don't hurt anyone, unless their mess is outrageously large.

        (aka Camp Bitch)

Objective: To act as the “General Manager” for the Playground village, serving half of one day.  Oversee the general welfare of our attractions and community events.  Supervise Playground workers.  Greet new Village arrivals.  Act as a roving problem solver.

Hours of Operation: 6am-6pm or 6pm-6am  / Shift Duration: 12 hrs.

Special staffing note: We will need one Camp Bitch during the day and another at night for 8 days (Sunday through Sunday). Also note that while this one job will completely meet your work-shift requirements, you are permitted to sign up for regular 2-hour work shifts if you wish.

Equipment and/or experience Needed: Information Folder, Supervisor Hat, Paper, Pen, 2-way radio, know location of fire extinguisher and first aid kit and welcome packs for new arrivals, Flashlight, Cool Costume/Outfit, Megaphone, Minimum 2 prior years of Burningman experience and one year of GLOM experience.

Description: Be up and about by 9:00 am with a clear head!  Get the Supervisor Hat and Vest from Mayor Joey’s Camp.  Post your name on the Camp Message Board as the Camp Supervisor for that day.  Spend your day wandering thru the village looking for problems to solve, things to fix, and people to help.  Be visible.  Stay in the Village as much as possible.  Ensure that all Playground workers start their jobs on time.  Enhance the labor force as needed from the list of “floaters” for that day.   Make changes if someone is doing their work-shift job terribly. 

Periodically check the status of the generator.  Notify Rocky, Mayor Joey or Don Syrek if the generator needs fuel.  Never fill a running generator.  Periodically check on the power grid.  Check on the lighting systems at dusk.  If bad wind or rain is coming, go from camp to camp checking to see that things are battened-down. 

Act as “Camp Greeter” when new campers arrive.  Know ahead of time which campers are scheduled to arrive that day.  Know ahead of time where their camps are located.  When they arrive, greet them (improvise!).  Give them their Welcome Packs.  Show them where their camp is located.  Bring them up to speed on Playground events/happenings.  Make sure they are aware of their work schedules and job descriptions.  Tell them where the nearest port-a-potties are located.  Show them the power grid and nearest plugs. 

When Playground attractions open up, wander from one to the other checking the following; safety, worker attendance, workforce needs (water, food, supplies, etc.), equipment repair needs, crowd control, etc.  If there are problems with guest relations, use diplomacy to diffuse and resolve any issues.

Wear the Supervisor Hat and Vest during your shift.  Return Hat and other stuff to Mayor Joey’s camp before you go to bed or give to the next Supervisor.
Safety: The safety of our residents and guests is one of the most important parts of this job.  You can and should terminate the employment of Playground workers if they are unsafe to themselves or others.  If there is an injury, you are the person to be contacted.  Know where the first aid kit is if it's a small problem.  Know how to contact professionals (Rangers or Law Enforcement) in case of an emergency.  Let professionals handle serious emergencies.

Job: Massage Tech

Objective: To provide therapeutic massage to staff and guests during the day.

Hours of Operation: to be determined / Shift Duration: 2 hrs.

Equipment and/or experience needed: Desire to deliver an enjoyable back rub to a willing recipient.  Prior experience optional.

Description:  Lucky Bastard is bringing the gift of touch and massage to The Playground.  He will be operating a table on an unscheduled basis thoughout the day, and he possibly can use some help.  If you would like to bring great pleasure to others with sensual, non-sexual touch, please ask if he can use help (and he will provide instruction).  It's possible that some time spent giving massage can be applied against work-shift requirements.

Safety: While massage is generally very, very safe, it is possible to injur someone if done wrong.  Instruction will be provided.