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(last updated 8/11/06)


 Welcome to the Burning Band Webpage -  The Burning Band was the first marching band on the Playa, created in 1996 by Mayor Joey and David Richoux, and the GLOM was our home camp.

Now, since the GLOM has been reincarnated as The Playground and Blunderland, we've adopted The Playground as our new home camp, and most Band members will be camping here.

Everyone is welcomed to join the band in Playa-performances, with open loving arms, regardless of where you are staying.  But if you're still open on camp sites, The Playground is still accepting new members.

Playing in the Band, and camping in the Playground -- Unbeatable combination. 

Are you musical and would you like to practice your art in a new and highly rewarding way?  Even if your instrument is a Kazoo or a Tupperware drum, we've got a place for you.  Just give us a bit of info in the form below, and we'll be in touch.

The Burning Band - Who are we?  We are you!  Just a bunch of wacky marching band musicians who enjoy lending our talents (or lack thereof) to the wonderful insanity of Burningman!

 The BBand's roots are in California, but our tentacles now stretch across the country.  The "parent band" of the BBand is the Los Trancos Woods Community Marching Band which plays in parades in the Bay Area.   The Burning Band does most of it's planning and discussion on the email list:  BurningBand@topica.com    Please join the list and help us plan this years shenanigans!  You can subscribe to the list by sending a blank email to:  BurningBand-subscribe@topica.com   On the email list, you can also make suggestions for new songs for the BBand to play this year. 

The Songs - The BBand plays most songs in concert B Flat.  The songs we play are mostly classic tunes like; Tipperary, Walk Right In, Yes we have no Bananas, and so on.  The lyrics  to most of the songs the Burning Band plays can be found at:  http://www.jimharvey.org/ltwcmb/pix/tunes.pdf 

To hear the tunes:  http://www.jimharvey.org/ltwcmb/html/tunes.html 

And other great oldies we may play:   http://www.rienzihills.com/SING/

Uniforms (shirts and caps) -  Having a Burning Band uniform is not required, but it is encouraged!  Uniforms add more fun, style and credence to the BBand performances.  

Uniforms are available for new BBand volunteers.  All you need to do to get your grubby paws on one is to contact Carmen at Barcardia@aol.com.  If you send in your donation, the shirt and cap will be waiting for you on the playa (well, not ON the playa, but in The Playground village, with Carmen)

Questions about Burning Band?  Contact Carmen at: barcardia@aol.com.

Events -


You’ve just arrived, your tent is up, and you’re looking for a participatory event to begin your Tuesday evening activities???


Put on your WEIRDEST underwear......

BRING your Kazoos, your tambourines, your musical instruments, your batons and flags, (and don’t forget your cup, mask & sunglasses or goggles), and Join BURNING BAND for a STRUT YOUR STUFF Parade around Black Rock City.


Dahlings (of ALL sexes), start shopping those thrift stores NOW to find THE most stunning, flattering, unique LBD (little black dress) that is just YOU!!! (of course, hats and gloves and pearls do make the ‘package’!) Pack them carefully to bring to BRC for THE event.>>>   THE LITTLE BLACK DRESS PARADE ! ! !

WEARING your finest LBD apparel, (+ comfortable shoes, and don’t forget your cup, mask, and sunglasses or goggles, and night lights), GATHER for COCKTAILS at The Playground (formerly the conGLOMerate) home of THE BURNING BAND.......@ 6PM, THURSDAY, August 31st..... we will then go ‘PARADING & PARTY HOPPING’ accompanied by BURNING BAND ! ! !


Another Burning Band Gig will be on Friday, September 1st in Center Camp from 8:40 to 9:00PM as part of a $tevens Friday Night Variety Show.


Hey you Fizzsball Players and Fans!!...The Playground will once again feature impromptu Fizzball games.. these games could happen at any time there are players and the weather is cooperating... no games will begin after sunset.

For those of you unfamiliar with this wonderful sport, the following is a description of the game by Barry (aka: POOCH) who is providing a wooden bat this year...

There is a ‘pitcher’, who lobs unopened cans  of beer (which have been sitting in the sun, and shaken) at the ‘Batter’, which then the ‘Batter’ attempts to hit with the baseball bat. When the bat actually connects with the beer can, there is a wonderful sound of wood to aluminum...resulting in foamy liquid squirting all over.
There are no teams, there are no bases to run, there are no runs to be scored, and no outs... there are fielders.. who are there to pick up the shards of aluminum from the ‘hits’ (leave no trace).
A batter will be ‘at bat’ until bat and beer connect... this may or maynot be adjusted depending upon how much beer the batter as brought to the game.

The Game will continue until the Beer runs out ...there have been spectators who were anguished by the sight of beer being desicrated in this manner. However, it should be noted that only the oldest and cheapest beer should be donated to this game (and cans only>>no bottles, kegs or growlers)

This game will be played in honor of ‘Milkman’, who first brought this event to The Playa, and is unfortunately unable to join us this year.

Attire is clothing optional....a towel is always helpful for wiping off the residue.....

Also, Fizzball is a wonderful opportunity for you impromptu cheerleaders!

So, all of you Fizzball fans, players, and cheerleaders, bring  extra beer for the game so that our camp, as well as our visitors, can enjoy this game! No one will be turned away from the game because of lack of beer, but they may be ignored....


The BBand proudly plays for other camp's/villages/individual's events upon request... such as weddings and parties.  More info on these events will come as we get closer to Bman.   

On-Playa Rehearsals - Some days the BBand rehearses in mid-afternoon, then plays on the Esplanade for a while.  Bring your instrument and join us!

<--- We're a very formal group, as you can see

Signs and Banners -  We have a few signs and banners, but we sure could use some more!  Anyone interested in creating signs or banners should contact Carmen for more info:  Barcardia@aol.com.    We need event-specific signs that say things like "LBD" or "Little Black Dress" or "Weird Underwear" or of course "Burning Band"

REGISTRATION: If ya wanna play, we need to know who ya are!  Below, where it says "Name" type in your full name, where it says "E-Mail" type in  your full email address, where it says "Street", type in your full mailing address with zip code, where it says "Phone" type in you phone number with area code, If you have a Playa name, put it in "Country", and where it says "Comment" tell us what instrument you play and any other info you think is important.  Then after all the fields are completed, hit "Send".  (Your info is kept in total confidence... we don't share your info with anyone)

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