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(last updated 6/30/06)

For starters, you will have a lot of fun, and you will be with a wonderful group of people.  That is 100% guaranteed.  Plus, with a little luck, you might, miraculously, avoid arrest.

As a camper, you will get the opportunity to play host on the attractions of your choice, or otherwise support the camp's efforts.

You will have preferred access to the bar, for some shade when it's hot, and for some serious drinking. 

<----- Lucky Bastard.  What can be said?

We have an official Playground / Q Photographer
                Kathy Walker

Kathy will be taking photos throughout the week, and as a very wonderful gift to members of The Playground and The Blunderland, she will be giving each of us a CD-ROM full of her beautiful images. 

Kathleen is a professional photographer in the Sacremento Valley, and her website is at www.kwalkerphoto.com .  She can be contacted at: service@kwalkerphoto.com.

You'll be in the home of the Burning Band, so The Playground is THE place to be if you're playing in the band. 

 <---- Mayor Joey, playing in the Little Black Dress Parade

In short, it will be a kick-ass experience you will never forget.  Or regret.

Sorry, not free.

Basic dues to camp in The Playground are $50.  Many of the expenses are being underwritten by a small group of individuals.  The dues will be used primarily to support the attractions through crane and generator rental, and fuel.

If you want to use electricity from the generator, your dues cover that.  If you have a motor home, you will definitely want to tie into the 24/7 power grid.   (Note: No a/c, please.)

You will receive payment details by e-mail, after you sign up on-line.

SINdy --
Sexy French Maid / Veggie lady / virtuoso Piccolo player.