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Breaking News (last updated 8/11/06):

1) We're now in the Official BRC Theme camp list, and we've been given a prime address:

The Playground@ 8:30 and Esplanade.

We're gearing up for our biggest and best Village ever ! !  It's all coming together by joining Blunderland (the core group that brought you The conGLOMerate ), with the Burners, and Burning Band, and we are ready for some serious kick-ass fun.

2) The toys are coming back:  The Tower, The Giant Teeter-Tottter, The Spank-o-Matic, and the legendary Orgasmatron.  We'll have gASSo, and The Playground is still the place to get a refreshing Flaming Propane Enema.  Plus, there will be a big new surprise for 2006 (The "Centrifuge.").

3) Work Shifts
-- the slots are filling quickly, and it's time to sign up.  Take a look at the Job descriptions that are accessible from the "Work-shift sign-up" page.  Lots of options for fun and interaction, but please act now.

4)  Burning Band is still taking new members.  If you want to be part of this great group, click on the Burning Band tab on the left.  It is not necessary to camp with the Playground to join the Band, but it is recommended.  

A list of Burning Band gigs is now available from the Burning Band page.  Check back frequently if you are in the band.

5)  We're at the final deadline for paying your dues.  Please send your check for $50 per person  to Mayor Joey:

      Joey Pettegrew
      2800 Lucas Road
      Fallon, Nevada 89406

6)  Help is needed before and after the Burn -- Work party starts at Mayor Joey's Ranch (100 mi. South of BRC),  Caravan to Playa will be Saturday,   Help also needed on the Tuesday after the burn.  Please plan on coming to either or both parties, if at all possible.

7) Who are "The Burners?"  Answer: A great group of people who have been working behind the scenes at the Glom and Playground for years.  This year, they are formally "The Burners", a camp within the Playground Village.  They will be bringing the “Wall of flames” this year created by Don Syrek and Frank Walker, and they will also have the Fire dancers (minions) and Frank’s new art car, the Flame mobile.

8) Call for Campers -- The Playground is filling up quickly now, but we still have some room.  If you're undecided on a place to stay, or you have an undecided friend, consider The Playground.  Fill out the "Join the Playground" form to get more info.


This is the official web site for The Playground, and the Burning Band, as well as The Burners and Blunderland.  If you are a member of any of these groups, you are in the right place. Click the buttons on the left to learn more.

If you want to join The Playground or the Burning Band, you are also in the right place.  Just click on "Join the Playground" or "Burning Band."

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Reminder to all... All planning for The Playground this year is being coordinated by Carmen.  You can get messages to the whole group by sending to her for forwarding: